College Students

Laundromat near UNT and TWU

Why should you wash and dry your clothes here, instead of the dorms?

Most dorms only supply two washers and two dryers, so you are always stuck in line.  At Wash It Kwik, there is no wait!

While doing your laundry enjoy our free WiFi!  Do research, surf the web, play your favorite online games all while waiting on your clothes to finish washing and drying.

Our top of the line machines are fast!  Wash eight loads in 24 minutes, and dry them in 30.  You are in and out in under one hour!

The heat in most laundromats will have you sweating bullets; not at Wash It Kwik. Come inside and enjoy our wonderful air conditioning!

Hungry?  Thirsty?  We have vending machines in our facility to accommodate your appetite!  Don’t like what’s in our vending machines, or looking for a little more?  Sonic is right next door!